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Actions speaks louder than words

Primax financial and foreign exchange service group has been trying to play an effective role and allocate a significant share in the foreign exchange market by formulating strategic plans, forming a think tank and using fundamental and technical analysis. Benefiting from competent managers and qualified human resources in offices and agencies in major monetary and financial centers has created an atmosphere in business so that customers and colleagues consider cooperation with us as a success and honor and are interested in maintaining the relationship and having a strong-permanent cooperation with Primax. For more than a decade, our activity has been based on transparency, order, respect and mutual trust, responsibility and accountability and customer orientation, and we have tried to satisfy customers with a mixture of quantity and quality.

Message from management

 In today’s dynamic, variable and competitive environment, we cannot hope for customer satisfaction with the solutions and tools of the past. In such a situation, an organization is successful which can attract the positive opinion of customers by providing innovative and creative solutions. In this sense, the core of Primax financial and currency services group’s performance has always been based on the principle and belief of “customer-orientation” since its establishment (2011). Our sustainable growth over time has always been due to responsible and innovative performance based on the two principles of “honesty” and “transparency” so that we can find out in advance the needs of customers and the requirements of the time. Meanwhile, the wide and powerful network, our efficient and experienced staff has enabled us to provide our services with minimum cost and minimum time in all parts of the world.

With the motto “Dynamic” in transactions and “pioneer” in services, as well as continuous monitoring of customers’ views and expectations, Primax has provided a community of loyal customers, because our “premier” services always add value and relief for customers.

Introduction of management 
Dr. Masoud Bahraini
Dr. Masoud Bahraini
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Dr. Masoud Bahraini

Currency Group Management