Why Primax exchange ? 
Buying and selling digital currency
Send remittance to Canada
Digital currency consulting

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Primax Exchange services

Supplying, buying and selling all kinds of valid currencies
Sending bill of exchange from Iran to Canada and vice versa
Rial to dollar conversion
Capital transfer to Canada, from Canada
Investment in Canada
Digital currency investment
Digital currency consulting
School and university tuition payment without commission for amounts over 5,000 dollars
Making student transfers and bill payments
Paying common currencies of Euros and US dollars to all countries
Corporate currency bill of exchange
Transactions in Tether, Bitcoin and Ethereum,
Providing professional advice in the field of foreign exchange affairs,
Paying bank installments in Canada
Payment of your bank installments in Iran
Sending money to Iran
Sending dollar bill of exchange to America
Buying Canadian dollars in Vancouver
UAE Dirhams